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August 20, 2014
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how to juggle: “The Kraken” (and several variations)

In this video Beejay Joyer provides an exciting step-by-step explanation on how to juggle “The Kraken.” A somewhat simple, yet VERY versatile pattern. Also, Beejay demonstrates several variations of The Kraken that are sure to tie your brain in a knot. If you already know The Kraken, skip to 2:37 to see the variations. juggling/instruction by Beejay filming/editing by Steve Good luck, and happy juggling! **EDIT / UPDATE** Turns out, the siteswap for The Kraken is NOT 42333. It’s just 3. Oops! The final variation shown at the end of the video is 4233333… Luckily, The Kraken is not a pattern that would normally be best described using any siteswap talk… Still, It completely baffles me that neither Beejay nor myself realized our mistake before making this video, or during the filming/editing process.. Anyway, this video still demonstrates the pattern(s) well enough to serve as a useful tutorial. Please ignore the brief segments of the video that provide incorrect siteswap information. The appropriate ‘annotation’ corrections have been made.