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If you like to watch videos of people juggling YouTube has thousands of them. You could sit and watch jugglers from all over the world performing their routines all day long if that is what you really wanted to do. It may even take longer than one 24 hour period to get through them all.

Not all the juggling YouTube has videos on are jugglers and their routines though, some of the videos are also tutorials where people are giving lessons on learning how to juggle. If learning to juggle has become a passion of yours then you can find a wealth of information on the subject on YouTube.

All I did to research this article was go to YouTube and type in “juggling” in the search bar and all these videos came up. I watched a few of them and was amazed at the talent of some of these people. There are even videos showing Patrick Dempsey doing some juggling.

Juggling is a great form of entertainment and I don’t think I know any one who doesn’t enjoy a good show. Lots of different performers have juggling acts and juggle all sorts of things from clubs and balls to plates and rings. There is one video where the young man juggles all of the Rubik’s Cubes he owns. It looked to me to be anywhere from 9-12 Rubik’s Cubes but he did not juggle them all at once. He only juggled three at a time.


I saw a very funny act where the juggler asked for a volunteer from the audience and then used him to be even funnier as he was pretending to be unable to balance on his unicycle while juggling three machetes. Very funny stuff. He was a world class juggler and puts on an awesome show.

The World IJA posts videos of the jugglers who come to the juggling festival every year. The festival is in Rochester, Minnesota in July. It is a place to showcase your talent, further your hobby, or learn to juggle for the first time. Members pay dues, give their time, and get lots of bennies like a yearly subscription to the IJA’s official Juggle Magazine.

They also get access to the member’s only area on the site, the privilege of attending the annual festival and lots of other neat stuff.

There are several ways you can join the IJA. Adult annual membership costs $40 per year and you can add your family for $5 for each additional member. Youth membership is $31 per year and you can also join for a lifetime for a one time fee of $1500.

Go watch juggling YouTube videos and catch the juggling fever then you might find you enjoy it so much you will want to join the IJA and go to the festival each and every year to watch all the juggler’s and maybe even get into some of the competitions when you get good enough or teach your children how to juggle and get them in on the competitions. Kids love juggling.

Juggling Youtube

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